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Natural Remedies For Cleaning Silver

A collection of silver cleaning solutions and tips
handed down through Family and Friends

Silver Cleaning:

  • Silver should always be washed and scrupulously cleaned in hot soapy water then thoroughly rinsed in clear hot water and wiped dry. Great care must be taken not to scratch the surface
  • To remove tarnish: There are many good creams, powders, etc: on the market or one may use whiting moistened with ammonia water. Rub on the paste, allow it to dry and rub off with soft cloth tissue paper or best of all a piece of chamois
  • A very simple method of removing stubborn tarnish is as follows: Take a bowl large enough to contain the silverware, put into it an old piece of aluminum (do not use an aluminum utensil still in use for cooking as this process would quickly corrode it) the silverware and one quart of water in which is dissolved one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of soda. Put over the fire and boil gently until the tarnish is removed. This gives a satiny appearance and makes the silver clean
  • If silver, after it is cleaned, is rubbed with a piece of lemon, washed and well dried, it acquires an extra brilliancy that will keep it clean longer than with ordinary cleansing
  • When silver becomes dull rub it with a piece of potato dipped in baking soda
  • A dry cork will remove stains from plate or silver more quickly than anything else and it never scratches. If the cork is cut to a point it can be worked into crevices which have become tarnished
  • The darkest egg stain may be removed from silver by taking a pinch of table salt between the thumb and finger and rubbing it on the spot with the end of the finger
  • If knives are to be stored for a time, clean them, rub them with a little sweet oil, and fold them one by one in flannel, baize or chamois leather
  • To clean knives quickly, rub them with a cork that has been dipped in water and then in plate or knife powder








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